Call for papers

Submissions within the following areas are encouraged, although other topics related to Wind Bands are also welcome:


  • Sources for Wind Band Music research

  • Repertoire: typologies, circulation, reception, edition, recording, and recovery

  • Sound Landscapes and occupation of space: urban and rural contexts, outdoors and indoors, itinerant music, bands, and displays

  • Functions, uses, and scopes: cultural, propaganda and representation (public and private, civil and religious), educational, socializing, leisure, profession-making, economical and others

  • Wind Bands Music circuits and networks

  • Wind Bands as mediators between the cultured and the popular: transfers and hybridizations

  • Wind Bands and Gender Studies

  • Parabandistic dimension (tools and equipment): organological development, musical instruments industry, acquisition procedures, reparations and loaning, uniform and symbols, among others


All proposals should be sent using the online form available here and they should include:


  • Title and abstract (200 words, maximum)

  • Personal data, institutional affiliation, curriculum vitae (150 words, maximum), e-mail address

  • Technical media necessary for oral presentation 


As a novelty, a “Call for Scores” is launched so that unknown works with outstanding value or special relevance for Wind Band Music, Social and/or Cultural Heritage, are performed by a professional music wind band and discussed by specialists during the congress. Selected scores must (a) have been originally written for band; (b) be edited with current music notation using specific software (full score and parts); (c) match, as far as possible, the standard configuration of a small wind band (Harmonia 2nd section or 16 musicians); (d) not exceed 7 minutes of duration or 400 measures and (e) include musical transpositions so they may be performed by a 32-musicians wind band. Scores should be submitted using the same procedure than communication proposals (online form) and should include a justification for their recovery suitability. 


Official languages of the Congress: Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Deadline for receipt of proposals *: November 15, 2019.

Deadline for the reception of scores *: November 15, 2019.

Acceptance or rejection notice: December 10, 2019.

Program publication: January 10, 2020.




*The Organisation Committee reserves the right to propose authors (Communications and Critical Editions) the possibility of publishing their findings in a miscellaneous volume resulting from the congress.